The View from my Room.

Paul Kemp reviews and talks about the lastest Films, TV Shows and pop culture phenomena.


Paul Kemp is a Teesside based Screenwriter and Author with a high functioning obsession with every pop culture related.

Since he was a small boy, Paul has been enamored with the stories told on the stage and screen. Instead of footballs and bicycles, he would run around the playground pretending to be the Red Ranger or some other heroes from his fantasy worlds.

This wonder fo the fictional has stayed with him into adulthood and is now the driving passion behind everything he does. During his studies as a younger man, Paul learned how to articulate this raw passion into semi-legible words. The first ever script he wrote sent him down a further rabbit hole of expression.

The articles you see on this site are the product of obsession, artistry and an undying insistence of creative development. It’s even been said if you look hard enough, you might be able to find some pretty good journalism in there, too.


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