Welcome to One Watch Wonders. A new series of articles where I shake things up a bit talking about Films or TV Shows that I have seen that I disliked so much, that I have had to call it a day after the first episode/ten minutes.

That’s right! I’m going to review a show having only seen one episode out of twelve! In this article, we will be exploring all the no-no’s of the scoff-inducing Netflix Original, Santa Clarita Diet.

I was initially excited to watch this series, I had ti saved one my list for weeks waiting for the right time to indulge myself in what I thought was going to be a lighthearted dark comedy with a cheeky cannibalistic twist. What I got was just stupid. And I will use that as a keyword.

The premise had promised yet was seemingly delivered to us with zero explanation. Granted, I could have been given this answer later on in the series. But the way it was introduced so lazily just caused me to lose all excitement.

The promotion for the show boasted some known names and some promising acting talent. I was especially looking forward to Timothy Olyphant’s foray into comedy. I had enjoyed him very much in Justified And I was interested to see where he would go with the character. What I got was a wooden and uncomfortable attempt at a suffering everyman whose only vice was packing the odd chillum in his car. Drew Barrymore’s performance as the mother of one randomly turned cannibal with the amorality of a nihilistic ape, was, wait for it? Stupid. Her performance came across as juvenile and all round dumb. There was no attempt to counteract any of the irreverence with any sense of sincerity or maturity making her whole performance generally stupid and annoying.

The reason I am not going to go any further with the series is because I feel like the makers have put as much effort into the show as I did my university dissertation (I got a 42…….40 was a fail.) The premise, acting, and writing was no where near as strong as I would want a first episode to be. Granted, you may love this show. As I write, I learned the news of its second season renewal. But for me, It is a lazy show with delusions of excellence.