For those who aren’t living in a world without magic, the first teaser trailer for the upcoming eighth installment of the Star Wars franchise, The Last Jedi was released to adoring fans at this year’s Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida and I can promise you that the excitement for this December is in full hyperspace mode.

The teaser came at the end of the Last Jedi panel at the yearly convention dedicated to celebrating everything Star Wars. Director Rian Johnson and cast members from the current trilogy were talking about the upcoming film when they revealed a very sparse yet beautiful teaser poster for the film. It was a beautiful poster showing very little about the plot of the upcoming installment. But before fans could star murmuring over its ambiguity, they were hit with a trailer for episode 8.

It began with small specks of light slowly getting brighter. For a second I felt like we were in space. Then all of a sudden, Rey’s hands hits the rocky ground and we’re given one thing that Star Wars fans have been dying for since the final scene of The Force Awakens: Luke’s voice.

“Breath, Just breath.” The words will our ears with a gritty softness that only the talent of Mark Hamil can. It seems that a lot of Rey’s story will take place in training with Luke. Or will it not be as simple as that. The final line in the trailer “All I know to be true, is that the Jedi…Should end.” Says a silhouetted Luke as he stands in the opening one of his many caves. I think that we’re going to see a different side to Luke. An old, Jaded man who has suffered an irreversible turn after losing his Jedi academy to the hands of Kylo Ren. I think Rey will have to help Luke as much as Luke is expected to help her.

For me, the teaser is hinting a story of three fronts. One one, we have the story of Rey and her journey to understand the force and to find out the mystery behind her life. One the other front, we have the next stage of the battle between The Resistance and The First Order. We see General Leia looking over maps, Poe Dameron running to his ill fated X-wing and what looks like the final stages of Finn’s recovery. We also see the first glimpses of Kylo Ren after his duel with Rey. He looks angry.

Despite losing Starkiller base in The Force Awakens, The First Order is still a big threat to the freedom of the galaxy. The main seat of government has destroyed and the galaxy is in turmoil. All that stands in its way is a small band of Resistance soldiers. Which I will express my feelings of disappointment on in another post. Nevertheless, the war is far from over.

The third and final front will be the story of Luke Skywalker and what happened before the events of the new trilogy. We see a glimpse of a burning temple with a figure knelt by R2-D2 My theory is that that image, paired with the shot of luke’s hand on R2-D2 will tell us the story of Kylo Ren’s downfall and the breaking of Luke’s spirit.

I am excited about this movie. But I am prepared for it to be a dark and heartbreaking lead up to the final episode. Much like Empire Strikes Back. I certainly hope it doesn’t follow the same derivative plot stealing as The Force Awakens but as a life long Star Wars fan, I don’t really care.

May the force be with you.