I’m not usually one for obsessing over movies that aren’t out yet. And if you have been following this blog, you will know that I’m not really one for over anticipating movies based on fandom let alone in general. But nevertheless, I was very interest to find myself wanting to share my opinion of the latest trailer for Ridley Scott’s latest delving into his legendary xenomorph-infested universe, Alien: Covenant.

The trailer like most others. Set up the scene, inject a hint of optimism while giving each actor a nice little bit of screentime. Establish the intent of the character and set them down on this new and mysterious planet. But not all is as it seems in this strange new world. Que Aliens.

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I wouldn’t consider myself an avid fan of the Alien movies. I had followed them generally in my childhood and I would consider Ridley Scott among my favourite Filmmakers. The trailer told me one thing above all else. This film will most likely regurgitate the same old effects and motifs that made the previous films famous and known. The fans among you may say “Yeah, that’s the point.” And I would agree. These films are more so than not films tailored to the fans of the series. But for a person who is detached enough to enjoy newer versions of old movie franchises yet savvy enough to know when a film is riding too hard on the laurels of the previous films. Am I not right in thinking this film might just be another film with aliens in it? Is it going to pose the same cosmic horror- inducing  question as Prometheus?  Will the dark and menacing nature of the Xenomorph be just as scary as it always has been? Granted, the shot where the alien is on top of the ship bashing its head into the glass was totally bad ass and. I very much look forward to seeing how 2016 technology is going to re-awaken the character. But I just feel it’s important to go into this knowing that ou may not see anything new. Is that okay with you? Or are you sure as sure can be that this is going to be a new direction for the franchise.

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Nevertheless, I’d love for you to join me in anticipation.