If you keep your finger on the pulse of what is going in in the media, news and other social outlets, then it is fair to day that you’re in good company. Most people try and keep yup with the important issues that face our society on a local, national and in any cases international level. We live in a world where it is more than easy enough to keep a steady stream of relevant information being fed to you on a 24 hour basis.

With this renaissance of information sharing comes a world that is more enlightened. A world that has a greater appreciation of what goes on in our world. However. One small side effect of this information overload is the fact that where there is opportunity for like minded people can share their opinions, information and essentially on a range of important, there are also people who prefer to focus on idiotic and superficial malarkey whom are also afforded this opportunity. A great and recent example of this idiocy is the recently acquired internet fame of one Kenneth Bone, the red sweater wearing man featured on the second presidential debate.

For those who don’t know, Kenneth Bone was one of the specially chosen members of the uncommitted voters in *PLACE AREA HERE* took place. His question was also a rather decent one regarding energy, a topic we later learn that Bone is very well versed in. So what we have here is a decent question from a seemingly well intentions and decent man looking to gather information he needs it make a voting decision. The reason he gained this fame however is, in the opinion of this writer, down to one simple and unfortunate fact… He looks a bit weird.

Overweight, balding wearing a red sweater that set his ample frame out against the other members of the crowd, and not to mention his famous mustache. For ninety minutes this poor man sat patiently and waited for his turn to ask a question, all the while the smartphone dependant masses took to social media to create a phenomenon based solely on the fact that his aesthetic is just too much for their itchy fingers and their vacant brains not too point out. His legacy and I dare say the aftermath of a key political moment in American history is over shadowed by the obsession over finding the next internet sensation. It’s even quite evident to me when I watched an interview with CBS news That he wasn’t one hundred percent amused with the interviewer’s insistent attempt to get him to talk about his new found fame like he had just won an Oscar and is planning a long and sad career as a Z -list celebrity.

We have seen this before. Normal people all over the world have found fame from simply having been in a certain place at a certain time and in the view of a certain person who just simply had to document whatever mildly eccentric thing they were doing. I am reminded at this point of the rather cheerful woman who became known as “Chewbacca Mom.” This woman simply filmed herself buying an electronic Chewbacca mask from her local Walmart and laughing her tits off at the camera. Whether or not this was a contrived attempt at exploiting her less than traditional aesthetic and her quite over the top laugh or a genuine piece of candid videography that has been received by millions of people worldwide. It’s fair to say that this woman was happy to receive her fame to the point where she told an interviewer on The Star Wars Show just how hard she thanked the gods for her modicum of fame.

Is this what we are now? Is this how the non celebrities of the world are going to form their own special legacy? By clawing at any amount of exposure to mindless viewership in the hope that you might one day become a meme? I certainly hope not. And I hope this social fad dies out as quick as the countless celebrities that it has already spewed out of his overflowing womb.

NOTE: I would like to mention that despite my judgements against the situations that people like Mr Bone and the woman whom I will name “Chewbacca Mom. I do not hope to ever judge them as people. I am sure they are quite lovely… And Chewbacca Mom’s laugh was infectious.