I’m going to do something I never thought I would during any stage of this blog’s life and talk about music. I’m not saying I dislike music nor am I confessing to being a Muso, I am someone who enjoys music with a nice mix of apathy and sporadic enthusiasm. Like many other people I find myself enjoying music more when it the song, band or artist has a special resonance in my heart. Whether it was Kings of Leon’s Revelry during my first make out session with my girlfriend or Kanye West’s Black Skinhead  When I needed fuel to get through my first ‘At home’ workout session. Music for me plays like a soundtrack to my life. And for this article I would like to highlight a band that were bar none the soundtrack to the tumultuous and angst-ridden farce that was my pubescent teen years: Green Day. And more specifically, American Idiot.


Like many CDs I still own, the case is battered and in two pieces. The disc itself it well worn and spent many years nestled safely in my first PC’s CD drive. I, like many others with me, used that album to translate the unreadable rule book that was our own emotions. It helped me embrace the negativity that never went away and it empowered me knowing that at the end of the day I could sit and listen to it again. Even as I listen to it now as a twenty five year old man I feel a sense of empowerment at the punchy beats and the simple yet anthemic chord structure that so many judged as arbitrary pop punk. For me, Green Day were my band. My heart was in their and and the pin had been pulled out.

As my teen years formed into my early adulthood (18-20) I began to listen to the negative wave of people telling me to “Grow up.” And I eventually lost my carnal love for the holy trinity. I even began to convince myself that I didn’t like them. Their motifs became repetitive and their politically charged tone became facile to me. I ended up doing what I did for a lot of things that I genuinely enjoyed in my youth. I pretended not to like them.

Years went by and my days listening to the Green Day seemed like a distant memory. allocates to the back of my brain labeled “Kid stuff.” But then something dawned on me when I saw that Green Day were back with a vengeance this year with their first mainstream hit in over seven years. I realized that while I had been trying desperately to find new interests that would be deemed more suitable to my adult self, Green Day themselves had been growing and developing into old and wiser men and by extension and older and wiser band. I felt myself missing out on the ten or so years where I could have awaited the next album as I did with American Idiot and to a lesser degree 21 Century Breakdown. 

So as I am less angsty and my take on the world is through the eyes of a fully fledged adult. I am going to embrace the natural order of myself and re introduce to myself to a band that not many may agree I should be listening to. But if I learned anything from the king’s of American pop punk is that I really shouldn’t care. I am back, Billy Joe, Mike, Tré. If you’ll have me.