Yesterday (2/10/2014) was my 24th birthday. It was the first age I have ever been where I now feel like an adult. I have an interesting theory as to adulthood and what makes a man. I officially became a “man” when I hit 20; I have most of the obligations as many other men do, I have all the same rights and providing I had the right income I would have all the same responsibilities. The only thing that is worth debating is what kind of excuse for a man you end up being in reaction to the inevitable aging. I ended up considering all of this when I sat in my kitchen and thought to myself for the first legitimate time “What kind of man am I?”

It was a serene day that passed nice and slowly. 24 isn’t exactly a milestone age by any means, but it is important because it marks the last year of your life before you officially become a quarter of a century old. That’s a staggeringly profound thought for somebody who is still trying to acclimatise to the fact that their not a kid anymore. Just think, you’re young and ready to take the world by the balls and then all of a sudden you realise that you are a considerable way through your life. What’s harrowing is that unless I die at 100 years old (which is unlikely) that means I could be closer to the halfway point of my life.

I don’t you to read this and think that I am trying to say something negative about life. I want you to read this and realise that I am someone who is getting a grip on the aspect of their existence. I was in the shower getting ready to go out for my birthday dinner when I realised that If I don’t start learning about this life and this universe we’re lucky to be a part of, I’m going to actually start wasting this life.

For all the other people out there reading this and you’re nearing the 25 mark, just think to yourself “right, lets do this.”